Southington Library: A Comparison

Southington Library: A Statewide Comparison
Prepared by: Susan Smayda, Executive Director, Southington Library & Museum
Source of Data: Connecticut’s Public Libraries: A Statistical Profile 2013-2014 Connecticut State Library

The charts provided here offer a comparison to regional libraries serving populations similar to Southington.

Staffing: Southingon ranks in the bottom 8% of Connecticut libraries when comparing full time equivalent staff. Of 178 libraries reporting, Southington Library ranks 164th or 14th from the bottom. See Chart #1 for a regional comparison.

Materials/Programs: Comparing per capita expenditure on materials (books, DVDs, books-on-tape, etc.) Southington Library is in the bottom 32% among Connecticut libraries [Chart #2].  We also fall far short in program expenditure per capita [Chart #3]

Facility: At 21,000 square feet Southington Library ranks in the bottom 8%  in square feet per capita statewide. [Chart #4]

Service hours:  Though we are among the lowest in staffing and materials expenditure, we are in the top 13% of Connecticut libraries when comparing the number of hours we are open each week [Chart #5].

Circulation: We are in the top 16% in items circulated per hour [Chart #6].

















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